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I. Permanent programs: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Our permanent spectacles include handicraft shows, games and playing and the gastronomic offer.
Besides the settings, the atmosphere of the age is also created by handicraft shows.
The organizer of this section of the program is Herczeg István, a graphic artist, who invited craftsmen from Eger and the surrounding region to conduct presentations through the participation of Napvirág Egyesület (Sunflower Association). During the ten days, trades that have existed for many centuries will appear at the venue - some of them, such as the manufacture of bark pots have already slipped into oblivion. These shows not only serve the purpose of entertainment but also education, since they convey knowledge about history, visual and musical culture, dressing and daily life in the Middle Ages that is easy to understand, try out and accommodate.
We must emphasize that the master craftsmen dressed in medieval clothes only work with natural materials such as wickers, wool, wood, metal, paper and wax, thereby they can authentically convey the historical atmosphere of Eger.
The audience will have an opportunity to take part in the process of creation and try the tricks of the trades.
Besides the crafts, some representatives of the visual arts, such as portrait drawing and icon painting, will also be present.
Of course, the products of the craftsmen will also be available for purchase.

Crafts on display
Wood carving, manufacture of bark pots, basketry, manufacture of folk instruments, distaff, weaving, felting, bone-lace making, rush-mat weaving, saddle-making, working with leather, candle making, ginger-bread making, pottery, cooperage, smith craft, horseshoeing, manufacture of horse hair ornaments, threading of beads, heraldic painting
This section of the program is designed and organized by Herczeg István, painter and graphic artist

The creation of a medieval inn posed a considerable challenge for the catering professionals undertaking the operation of the establishment.
The wine goblets will be made by craftsmen, and will be available for the visitors for purchase. Just as in the Middle Ages, the guests will eat with their hands, and will be able to assort their food from wooden platters designed for feasting. These platters will offer knuckles of ham, poultry, game - all prepared according to medieval recipes. Of course, the "star" of the theater play, the grilled sirloin cutlet seasoned with red wine will also be on sale. Hand-wash bowls filled with lemon water will be placed on the tables; home-woven coarse linen cloths will be used as hand-towels.
The crock goblets will be filled with Bull's Blood of Eger or Riesling for the guests to sip.

II. Auxiliary programs
Medieval dance school, dances lasting far into the night every day, fire shows, performance of giant puppeteers, jousting show, grifters, illusionists, fortune-tellers.

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