From 26 July to 5 August every day at 6 P.M.

Theatre performance mainly featuring tales taken from the chronicles of Eger, occasionally embellished with stories of a broader, European relevance.
Actors, minstrel, stilt-walkers, jugglers, bear-leader, puppeteers, dancers, belly-dancers, marketplace folk dressed in medieval clothes.

  1. Turkish café - hosting a dramatized version of the history of coffee
  2. Coach-house stage - classic puppet-show for children, when reversed, a small stage for fairy plays
  3. Tavern - location for the history of wine
  4. Timbered stage - presenting a love story in commedia del arte style
  5. Scaffold - conviction and burning of the journeyman from Eger
  6. House with arcades - a classic love triangle story from the chronicles of Eger, "the Tale of Kata Dömsödi"
  7. Inn - the history of the grilled sirloin cutlet seasoned with red wine

Stage designer: Juhász Katalin
Director: Csendes László, dramatic artist, holder of the Jászai Award

Készítette: Progikon Kreatív Stúdió, Eger