Scene design
(detail - designed by Katalin Juhász)
Amongst the scenery of the Medieval Marketplace, high quality cultural events are offered to the public. The programs are complemented by auxiliary items (street fair, gastronomy, handicrafts, play houses, dances) all designed to intensify the market atmosphere.

The artistic and cultural concept reflects the diversity of medieval markets and also evokes the history of Eger through theater performances. True to the characteristics of medieval theater and the diversity of medieval marketplaces, we stage farces, mystery plays, comedies based on the traditions of commedia del arte, verse-chronicles accompanied by lute, as well as fairy plays and puppet-shows for children. Clowns, minstrels, bards, marketplace heralds, puppeteers and fortune tellers will also appear at the venue. Live medieval music accompanied by the instruments of the age will also play a role. The visitors will also have a chance to enjoy and take part in medieval dance performances and instruction courses, children's games and group competitions.

Within the framework of theater programs, outstanding actors will present the dramatized versions of several authentic tales of the age, originating from Eger.

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